Canamix Peristaltic Pumps

Canamix Pumps for Sand Processing Plant

Canamix ProIMG_0875cessing Systems, the Canadian manufacture of high quality mechanical agitators and peristaltic pumps, has recently delivered pumps for a large sand processing plant.

The requirements for the pump were exacting. It had to pump a distance of 1200ft, to an elevation of 100ft, in viscous, high solid slurry. To reduce pulsation by 92%, the pump was fitted with a Canamix manufactured suction dampener and a proprietary discharge dampener.

The CANAMIX C100, 4 ins, pump is currently delivering excellent performance, under challenging conditions, in a constantly varying process operation.

The Canamix soft roller and re-inforced hosing provides increased hose life and lower power, while the large Canamix casing increases flow over other similar sized pumps.

peristaltic pump

Organic Waste

FullSizeRender[1]Canamix’s Canadian manufactured peristaltic pumps have now become a standard feature of Organic waste treatment plants. With the new laws in BC preventing organic waste from being deposed of in the trash large amounts of waste needs to be de-packaged and processed.

The Canamix peristaltic C-100 and C-150 pumps with 4” and 6” lines provide a clean alternative to conveyor belts, fork lifts and other equipment used to move the recycled product.

Canamix pumps are easily maintained, with minimum replacement components.
The soft roller, used in the Canamix pumps to compress the hose, lessens friction and heat resulting in lower operating power and increased life.
With the pump range now fully manufactured in BC, Canada, Canamix assures a large inventory of pumps from the smallest C-10 (1/2”) to the largest pump in the range, C-150 (6”)