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9 Ways To Classify Your Mixing Process

From simple blending to chemical reactions, Canamix manufactures mixers and agitators for all process applications. There are nine basic ways to classify mixing processes. We took some time to dive into these processes to help you understand the complexities of the agitation industry, starting with simple blending.

Flow Patterns for Mixing

Canamix provides mixing solutions for all process applications. By switching up the agitator impeller, size and shape of the mixing vessel, and the mixing speed, we can deliver optimal results for your unique agitation application. Our knowledge of fluid dynamics helps us select the ideal combination of mixing variables to provide optimal results.

How Peristaltic Pumps Work

Canamix peristaltic pumps rely on a process called peristalsis to move fluids through a hose. You may not realize it, but your body does the same thing every time you take a bite of food or a sip of water. Peristaltic pumps copy this biological process to create an effective pumping solution for industrial use.

Impellers Vs. Propellers

Canamix industrial agitators provide high quality mixing solutions for a broad range of industries. These industries span from mining to pharmaceutical to paper and more. Each industry’s mixing applications have unique requirements that can only be met when the right equipment is used. With our technical expertise, Canamix can provide agitators specifically designed to deliver […]

Saving On Labour With Peristaltic Pumps

Think of a situation where you needed to transport large quantities of liquids, chemicals, slurries, mud, wet sand or any viscous matter. How did you end up moving it? Did your team spend precious time shovelling and hauling it with wheelbarrows? Did you use a complicated conveyor system? For such a simple task, moving liquids […]

Organic Waste

Canamix’s Canadian manufactured peristaltic pumps have now become a standard feature of Organic waste treatment plants. With the new laws in BC preventing organic waste from being deposed of in the trash large amounts of waste needs to be de-packaged and processed.