High Quality Agitators and Peristaltic Pumps For all processing industries

Superior Quality. Up to date technology . Competitive Pricing. Process Guarantee
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CANAMIX manufactures a range of top entry agitators from .37kW(.5HP) to 350kW (475HP) for use in the mining, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste and water treatment and paper industries.

Rotary Gear and Lobe Pumps

CANAMIX Processing Systems is now distributing the unique range of Rotary Gear and Lobe pumps, manufactured in Germany by Zeilfelder Pumpen. This unique range of pumps can be used to process a broad spectrum of High viscosity and High temperature liquids and slurries.

Peristaltic Pumps

The CANAMIX range of peristaltic pumps , manufactured and marketed in British Columbia, Canada includes one of the largest pumps of this type in the world.

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